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Chief seattle short sleeve T-Shirt

Chief Seattle was a famous 19th century American Indian chief of the Duwamish Tribe and the Suquamish Tribe. He is also known as Sealth, Seathle, Seathl, or See-ahth. He was a prominent leader of his times, much respected for his Native American wisdom and commitment towards maintaining the ecological balance of the ancestral lands that fell under his tribes’ ownership. Much of his modern-day popularity stems from a widely publicized speech in favour of ecological responsibility of the Native Americans that has been attributed to him. However, the actual content of the speech is uncertain and much has been lost through translation and rewriting. The son of the chief of the Suquamish tribe, Seattle was groomed for leadership from an early age. He was a brave man and a courageous warrior known for defeating big armies of enemy tribal raiders. Upon becoming the Chief, it did not take him long to establish himself as a much feared and respected leader. However, he began to gradually lose his powers when the white settlers began invading the tribal lands. Knowing that it was not possible to defeat the more powerful Europeans, he chose to form friendly relations with the settlers, keeping in view the long-term safety of his tribes. The city of Seattle, in the state of Washington, has been named after him.

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